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What is GuacaTech?


  GuacaTech is a Mexican technology company based in Guadalajara that develops business models and technology in support of micro-entrepreneurs (The sector in the economy not yet digital).


1. The Information Technology ecosystem in Guadalajara, Mexico, has been the environment for the professional development of GuacaTech founders. Each of them with nearly 30 years of management/engineering experience in leading global companies in the industry. This has allowed each one of them to understand the market and it adaptive processes of this global growing industry.


2. Another competitive advantage is the closeness of the partners with respect to the processes of technological diffusion and innovation in the western region of Mexico. This region has distinguished, in the last 20 years, by its capacity in the software sector as much by the talent of the base of engineers as the leadership of companies, along with government support co consolidate this sector. 

 3. The team member´s experience in the field is a key factor for the project development and their implementation phases. 

4. The conjunction of these professional trajectories and complementary experiences constitute a human capital around Guacatech projects. 

The professionals

Mario Leal CEO


Benjamín Huerta CTO


Edgar Mijangos COO


Guillermo Woo CFO


Óscar Fernández CCO